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A Special Note to P4P Friends and Supporters

It is our sincere hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this stressful time. Our organization is in the business of caring for people in Kenya, a country which will inevitably be hard hit by COVID-19, but we are also keenly aware that people like you are facing new and worrisome challenges. We send you our best wishes. Please stay in touch and stay safe. ~ Dia Maurer, P4P Executive Director

What’s in our May 2020 Newsletter:  COVID-19 Update; Notes from the Field; Health Care Heroes Robert Rhoda Masaga and Faith Akinyi Oranga; Life is bleak in Kenya, but YOU can help - People Who Need People Virtual Event

We do not have enough personnel at the clinic, we lack the infrastructure for isolation, we do not have masks and hand sanitizers, we have no ventilators and we do not have an ambulance to transport victims. ~ Ogada Clinic Manager 

Where things stand with P4P's Kenya programs and staff. How we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Update 
Dear P4P Friend,

“The coronavirus is worrying the entire community and our staff is panicked because we do not have protective gear,” Ogada Clinic manager, Robert Masaga, told P4P. 

“We do not have enough personnel at the clinic, we lack the infrastructure for isolation, we do not have masks and hand sanitizers, we have no ventilators and we do not have an ambulance to transport victims.”
“Many people cannot get food,” Robert added. “My main worry now is that if the virus invades our county, many might die because of hunger and COVID-19. As of now, Kopanga and Giribe report no COVID-19 victims yet.”

Notes from the Field

By Nereah Obura, P4P Kenya Program Coordinator

Kenya reported the first case of COVID–19 on March 13, 2020. As of May 4, the Ministry of Health reported 490 cases with 24 deaths and approximately 173 recoveries. However, since testing is not readily available and villages and towns are far apart, we are not sure of the accuracy of these numbers. We have been told by the Ministry of Health that in the next two weeks, all 47 counties will have testing labs and test kits will be arriving from China soon.   

Most women in the villages engage in small scale businesses, which are usually run in the evening, so the dawn-to-dusk the curfew and closed open-air markets have seriously affected most families’ livelihood. In addition, during Charles’ weekly visits to the Power of Milk (POM) families, he has noted that most do not have means of putting food on the table. With this serious situation, P4P has come forward to support 90 families with basic food packages. Each food basket contains 6kg maize, 2kg beans, 2 liters cooking oil,1 kg sugar, 0.5kg salt and one package of soap bars.

P4P’s Water Committee has authorized the purchase of 40 handwashing stations for Kopanga/Giribe, 1,000 bars of soap and transport.

Each basket costs approximately 1,000 KSH (Kenyan shillings, or $10 US).  In addition, P4P has sent 10,000 KSH ($100 US) to the Ogada Clinic to purchase medicine and supplies.  A very disturbing trend has affected our POM children. Nine extremely ill children have been admitted to the Ogada Clinic. We believe the weather has increased standing water (malaria) and cold temperatures (pneumonia), which are affecting the children. We have enough nutritional supplement for two more weeks and will order more soon.

P4P’s Health Committee has authorized me to purchase nutritional supplements of Extra Nutriflour so we can continue to provide the vulnerable children in POM.

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Health Care Heroes

Robert Rhoda Masaga, our valued Ogada Clinic partner, founded the Ogada Clinic in 1990 and is the clinic officer and a licensed dentist. The Ogada Clinic treats over 250 patients a month from neighboring Kenyan villages and nearby Tanzania and is where P4P trains health care workers, treats patients and administers the Power of Milk infant nutrition program. Robert also started an orphanage in Giribe, assists a young woman with her medical school fees and helps his staff financially when necessary.

Robert Rhoda Masaga, our valued Ogada Clinic partner

Faith Akinyi Oranga, Robert’s wife, is best known to P4P because of the delicious Kenyan-style meals she and her team prepare for the volunteers. What many of us do not know is that she founded a deaf school in Giribe in 2017 after she completed her degree in special education. The Kenya school system does not offer services to challenged children. With the help of donations, she established and runs the deaf school. Eleven students are now enrolled, and they live at the school under the care of the school mother and the watchman.
“Life in Kopanga has not been easy during this time of quarantine and curfew because people struggle to put food on the table,” Faith says. “Movement is limited, and food supplies are reduced drastically since all the markets are closed. People have no choice but to obey the law, though it's not been easy.”

Faith Akinyi Oranga

Life is bleak in Kenya, but YOU can help

Now, more than ever: people need people. As you can see, our friends in Kopanga, Kenya, are facing COVID-19 with limited medical care, little to no personal protective equipment, minimal handwashing facilities and no personal transportation. Open-air markets are closed, and farmers are barely able to supply their own families. 

Starvation is a very real possibility. 

Would you like to help but don’t know how?

Partnering for Progress has a way. We had to cancel our important spring fundraiser, “Funny Girl” at the Civic Theatre, because of COVID-19. But the show will go on - virtually!

Join P4P's virtual fundraiser,

Using the “Funny Girl” song, People Who Need People as our theme, we’re adhering to social distancing guidelines and bringing the party directly to your computer or laptop screen. Spokane’s own funny girl, comedian and actress Julia Sweeney, has a special message for you and local musician Mackenzie Ross has recorded a haunting rendition of “People” especially for P4P’s event.

P4P hosts will arrange for friends, supporters and volunteers to Zoom together for a cocktail hour, a tea party, even a pajama party (it’s the host’s choice) so you can learn what is happening in Kopanga now and find out how you can help.

AND there’s more…a sweepstakes! Register and attend our virtual event and your name will be entered into a drawing for one of our fabulous prizes. Last day of entry June 10, the drawing will be held on June 17.
Our goal is to raise $10,000, funds that are critical to supplying our Kopanga partners with food packages, soap and handwashing stations, emergency supplements and medications. We are counting on your generosity to propel our work forward.  We truly cannot do this without you!

Can’t join us, but would still like to support our event?  You can make a gift by clicking the button below or send a check to P4P, PO Box 28191, Spokane, WA 99228. Asante Sana and heartfelt thanks for your support!

Thank You to our SPONSORS!

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