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What’s in our April 2021 Newsletter: Notes from the Field, Rose Adhiambo Anyona  ~ Education Committee Report ~ Spring Fundraiser ~ P4P Volunteer Byron Gega ~ Thank You, P4P Volunteers

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.

~ Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani Education Activist

Notes from the Field 

By Nereah Obura, P4P Kenya Program Coordinator

Dear P4P Friend,

One of P4P’s key objectives is to enable bright, needy students to access quality education. Twenty-two year-old Rose Adhiambo Anyona is one such student, and she has written to tell you how much education means to her.

Rose Adhiambo Anyona is one such student, and she has written to tell you how much education means to her.

Dear Partnering for Progress,
I come from a humble family with two children besides myself and very hardworking parents who strive hard to make ends meet on our small farm. It has never been easy for my parents to provide for our basic needs and adding secondary school fees to their burden is impossible.

I attended Giribe Primary School, where education is free. I wanted to attend high school so much but did not see how that could happen. I thank God that Partnering for Progress gave me a scholarship to attend high school. My life changed completely in 2014 when I enrolled at Magongo-Ribe Secondary School and began to chase my dreams. 

I am now close to achieving a Bachelor of Science in Development Studies at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, and I am currently doing an internship at the Government of Kisumu.

I write deeply from my heart to say that Partnering for Progress has given me a life changing opportunity by paying my school fees through university. P4P has also been a shoulder to lean on at times of need. 

A determined lady is destined to greatness, and that's me! Poverty is one of the most important obstacles facing young girls, but I would like to encourage them not to give up and to fight for what they are destined to be.

Thank you very much, and may God reward you,
Rose Adhiambo Anyona

Education Matters, Especially in Kenya

Education Matters, Especially in Kenya
by Sandy Ivers, Education Committee

In Kenya, school is compulsory for children from first through eighth grade, and there are no tuition charges.

However, high school is not free and tuition, books uniforms and frequently boarding fees can run between $500 and $700 a year. To us, this may not seem like an onerous charge, but it is often a hardship, and sometimes impossible, for Kenyan families to pay school fees.

Poorer families might send one or two of their children to school, but rarely all of them. When a choice has to be made as to whether boys or girls will attend high school, boys are usually given priority.

Some academically advanced students receive scholarships but most will stay home to help their parents farm, do household chores and care for siblings. 

So, by the time a boy or girl is 14 years old, their future is set and they have almost no chance to develop the skills that will lead them to a paying job. Education is the only thing that can break the cycle of poverty.

This is where P4P steps in. In 2013, P4P created a donor invested scholarship program to help young students in the Kopanga/Giribe communities attend secondary and post-secondary school.

Thanks to your support these students can attend high school.

Nereah Obura, far left, is with 2019's scholarship recipients. Thanks to your support these students can attend high school.

To date, 31 students have graduated from high school, and nine have received P4P scholarships to continue into postsecondary education. The majority of these students are working on two-year degrees, and a few are attending university and working on four-year degrees.

We are exceptionally proud of these students and we delight in knowing the scholarships we offered them will break the tenacious ties to poverty. Our challenge now is to keep this program running, and we need your help. It does not take a great deal of money to help these eager, young people change the course of their lives.

Sponsor a Student ~ Change a Life

Ready for some learning fun and a chance to win prizes? 

Spring Forward with P4P and join our annual fundraiser. Be on the lookout for daily emails from May 24 through May 28. 

With each email, you’ll LEARN about P4P’s programs, have an opportunity to DONATE, if you choose, and enter to WIN a daily prize plus the grand prize if you enter all five days. (You do not have to donate to win.) Included in each day’s prize and the grand prize are gift cards to local businesses that P4P has purchased to support our friends who have struggled through the pandemic.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support our programs in Kenya. Anonymous donors have promised to match donations up to $5,000, so your donation will have even more impact.

New Board Member Byron Gega Makes Dollars and Sense for P4P
By Reneé Sande, Communications Committee

Byron Gega recently filled the position of P4P Board Treasurer, but he’s been a longtime P4P supporter through donations and financial advice. Both things are worth their weight in gold - especially to a non-profit.

A financial advisor with Cariboo Wealth Advisors, Byron was introduced to P4P by former board president and long-time P4P volunteer, Gordon Jackson, and his wife, Sue. He recently joined P4P’s Board of Directors and accepted the position of Treasurer.

“I like helping people by being a trusted information resource they can call upon for financial advice,” Byron says. Now P4P is fortunate enough to be able to access his expertise and advice.

Byron Gega volunteers his time as P4P's Board Treasurer

“I thought this would be an excellent charity to get involved with,” Byron adds. “The impact is great. Lives are being changed in fundamental ways, which leads the people of Kopanga toward greater opportunities.”

A Portland, Oregon transplant, Byron and his wife, Aubri, love to travel and explore the world. Tops on their list is Australia, and they also hope to travel to Kenya to help P4P and its mission. 

Byron loves spending time with Aubri, his children, Breighela (25 years old) and Gavin (21), as well as five-year-old grandson, Asher. He also loves dogs and admits to a fondness for red wine and dark chocolate.

Byron with wife, Aubri

Byron with wife, Aubri

Gift your time & talents...volunteer!

Asante Sana to Our Wonderful Volunteers

Asante Sana means thank you in Swahili. Those are powerful words in any language, but they only scratch the surface in conveying Partnering for Progress’ gratitude to our volunteers. April 18-24 is National Volunteer Week and it is the perfect time to tell you, our invaluable volunteers, how much we appreciate and treasure you.

The simple truth is that P4P would not exist without volunteers. Our two part- time staff members carry large workloads here in Spokane, and they would not be able to accomplish all that they do without your help. We are deeply grateful.

You are the heart of Partnering for Progress, and for that we say, "Asante Sana!"

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